Secret Santa with The Big Book Box – Small Gift – Review


Okay, I know it’s two weeks past Christmas (but Christmas never really ends, does it?). This post is, therefore, a wee bit late, all thanks to a monumental exam I had to take a few days ago, which will probably decide the rest of my life (no pressure).

The Big Book Box is an Indian book subscription box that had a Secret Santa Gift Box this Christmas (ie, Christmas 2018). If you sign up for it, you get a Secret Santa hamper, which includes a book, few goodies and a message from a fellow subscriber. And I thought, Why give up on an opportunity to tell a stranger about Christ’s love?

So this is my review on “Secret Santa with The Big Book Box – Small Gift”, albeit a late one.

Before we begin, just a friendly reminder that no one actually knows the exact date Christ was born and 25th of December may or may not be the real one. That aside, let’s continue to spread the good news of Christ’s coming all year long!!!

1) The Book
Why save the best for the last when we all have millennial attention spans? So let’s start with the Book.

I received ‘The Island at the End of Everything’ by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. Now, this is an author I haven’t really heard of, and though the name of the book does pique my interest, this is not the kind I would buy for myself (Yes, I judge a book by its cover). Nevertheless, I’m glad that The Big Book Box included it so that people like me would be introduced to amazing books like this one.

The story is set in The Philippines, 1906, where sufferers of leprosy are banished to the terrifyingly beautiful Culion Island. Young Ami was born on the island to leprosy sufferer and has lived her whole life with those who are ‘touched’. She is later separated from her mother and sent to live in an orphanage in the Mainland, where she meets a honey-eyed girl named for butterflies, and together they set out to find a way back home to the island at the end of everything.

This is one book you should definitely include in your tbr pile.

2) The Card
It’s Harry Potter themed!!! This is one greeting card that I’m not going to give away.

3) The Thing
This is the goody that confused me the most. It is a set of 28 sheets of paper that would somehow help you develop 6 habits in 28 days. I don’t think I’m gonna use it for that though. But, any stationery is good stationery. So I’ll probably just stick it in my journal whenever I feel like it.

4) The Message
It is a delightful feeling to receive a Christmas message from someone who could probably be living on the other end of the country. Thank you Shanaya, for your wonderful message!! I shall keep you in my prayers.

All in all, I really enjoyed ‘Secret Santa with The Big Book Box – Small Gift’. Looking forward to more book subscription boxes this year!!!

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